Coaching for Employees

Providing coaching support for your employees leads to:

  • Increased organizational productivity & impact
  • Greater professional competence and confidence among staff members
  • Better organizational communication practices
  • Increased ownership among employees and thereby higher levels of commitment toward your organization’s goals and vision
  • Increased leadership capacity among employees so they can effectively lead projects and programs in a self-sufficient manner

Often, when staff members attend professional development trainings without continued support, they absorb new knowledge and newly learned skills only intellectually and without internalizing them on a deeper level.  Internalizing new knowledge and skills on a deeper level means creating awareness about how we can get better at what we do, building on our existing personal and professional strengths, dismantling internal barriers that have been holding us back, and internalizing new positive behavioral patterns.

This takes time and a continued commitment of each individual employee.  However, setting up an extended support structure to support employees in their professional development efforts, especially when it comes to overcoming barriers and roadblocks, will significantly strengthen your organization’s capacity and impact.  This in turn will allow your organization to emerge as a stronger leader.

As a certified coach, Alex will work with individual employees to create and pursue inspiring professional and personal development goals, which support the mission and vision of your organization.  The coaching process will support your employees in building their professional capacity and help them to overcome any obstacles they may be facing along the way.

Alex is also available to facilitate group coaching and training sessions to help your employees to connect their individual professional development goals to the collective goals and vision of your organization.

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