Creating A Healthy & Thriving Organization

Alex will work with you to create a healthy and thriving organization based on the following objectives:

  • Setting up an inspiring work environment that helps to maintain a connection between the values of employees and that of your organization

  • Maximizing your organization’s strengths and potential

  • Communicating your organization’s unique approach for creating value and impact more effectively

  • Employing practices to ensure your organization always stays current and relevant

  • Maintaining humane work hours for salary-based employees and organizational leaders

  • Creating work-life balance for all employees and organizational leaders by setting up a high-performance work environment (e.g. eliminating time busters and unnecessary distractions)

  • Maximizing productivity and organizational impact by maximizing the potential and effectiveness of employees instead of increasing burnout and turnover

Creating an organizational culture that is based on continued personal and collective transformative growth allows organizations to not only maximize their potential, but also to emerge as stronger leaders in their field.

Alex has 25 years of management, organizational and project development, strategy development, consulting, leadership development, curriculum development and training experience.  He has founded and co-founded multiple successful and award-winning organizations, built numerous financially sustainable projects, helped hundreds of adults and youth realize their leadership potential, and has worked with numerous organizations throughout the U.S. and in many different organizational and community settings.

Want to know more?

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