Consulting for Nonprofit Startups

Starting a nonprofit can be a daunting task.  When it comes to starting a nonprofit, there are many questions that need to be figured out.  For example:

  • What is the first and most important thing I need to focus on or put in place when building an organizational structure from scratch?
  • How can I build a foundation for my new organization that embodies the values that are important to me.  And how can I ensure that I have the right structure in place to support the mission and vision I want to carry out through the work of my new organization?
  • What is the right financial management system, the right staffing system, or the right management system for my new organization?
  • How can I develop and implement the most effective marketing and fundraising strategies to build my new organization?
  • What is the best balance between paid staff and volunteers for my organization?  And how can I best keep volunteers involved and motivated to keep working alongside paid staff?

Alex will work with you to create a blueprint for your new nonprofit that you can use as a roadmap for creating a sustainable organizational structure that is based on your mission, vision, and values.

During his 20+ years of working in the nonprofit field, Alex has founded and co-founded several award-winning organizations from scratch.  This has led to the creation of many new organizational development approaches that are based on his own experiences as well as those of other successful nonprofit leaders and founders.  He has dedicated himself to share these approaches and experiences so that others can achieve the same powerful results faster and without having to make costly mistakes.

With Alex’s support, you will be able to:

  • Build a strong and sustainable organizational structure
  • Grow your organization fast and smart
  • Increase the number of your financial supporters
  • Create an organizational structure that supports your values, mission and vision
  • Increase your level of confidence as a nonprofit leader
  • Create the highest level of value and service for your clients, constituents, members, and audiences

Want to know more?

Contact Alex at (773) 368-9345 or at to schedule a free consultation.