Workshops & Trainings

Real and sustainable organizational change comes from within.  To create powerful and lasting organizational improvements, everyone who is part of the organization must engage in transformative change so that the desired changes within all organizational structures can be maintained through improved habits and paradigm shifts.

Challenging old paradigms within organizations that want to move to the next level is an integral part of the overall process of change and improvement.  This is because old paradigms are like an anchor that keeps organizations stuck and prevents them from making it to the next level.  As a result, organizations are likely to lose their competitive edge and relevance within the field they are operating.

Through his trainings and workshops, Alex will help you to break out of old paradigms and patterns that have been holding your organization back, so that you can operate from a place of vision, leadership, and empowerment.

Alex has founded and led several award-winning organizations.  He has studied responsible business development practices and successful marketing strategies, which he incorporates into his training and consulting approach.  As a certified Coach, Alex provides the expertise to help organizations achieve internal transformation so that all organizational improvements can have the greatest possible impact and bring your organization to new heights.

Alex believes that learning environments should aim to foster transformational change within each individual and help participants to connect to the subject matter on a deeper level. This will ensure that participants are inspired to take action and keep applying the newly learned skills and knowledge long after the completion of the workshop or training program.  As part of his approach, Alex works with workshop participants to create strategies for setting up sustained support structures through which continued growth and development can be fostered.

The workshops and trainings Alex offers help organizations to:

    • Create and implement inspiring visions and strategic plans
    • Improve productivity among all employees
    • Create better communication structures and synergy among staff
    • Create effective program evaluation systems and tools
    • Increase organizational capacity and impact
    • Create and implement sound intergenerational governing structures
    • Create and implement sound intergenerational governing structures
    • Successfully overcome challenges and internal conflicts
    • Create and implement effective marketing, branding and outreach strategies
    • Improve financial stability and fundraising capacity
    • Become leaders in their field

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