How To Create A Healthy & Thriving Nonprofit

This free resource guide features several transformative approaches to help your organization become more effective without having to sacrifice its values. These approaches will help your organization to provide continuously increasing value to its constituents and thereby make its work more financially sustainable. Internally, these transformative approaches will help to create a healthier and more sustainable work environment, which will increase employee retention, organizational productivity, and work-life balance among employees.

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The THREE Biggest Mistakes New Nonprofits Make & How To Avoid Them

This free resource guide will help you to become aware of some of the most common pitfalls new nonprofits encounter. It presents effective strategies for how to either deal with or prevent them, depending on where you’re at in the process of building your new organization. By applying the strategies and approaches featured in this guide, you will be able to:

    • Increase your financial stability
    • Grow your organization in a sustainable way
    • Increase the number of your financial supporters
    • Increase your level of confidence as a nonprofit leader
    • Build a strong support structure to ensure long-term success
    • Position your organization as a leader within your field and beyond

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